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  • STAP-budget funding: get a €1000 discount on courses & trainings

    Get your STAP application certificate Visit our WMF info page

    The STAP-budget funding allows you a €1000 discount on our course Western Medicine Fundamentals (WMF). This English version of the well known Dutch programme ‘Medische Basiskennis’, offers you a solid foundation of knowledge about the many wonders of the human body. The course days are online classes via Zoom.

    With the STAP-budget discount, the costs for the WMF course will be €895 in stead of €1995. You can also pay this amount free of charge in 10 installments of €99.50. This makes the course a lot more accessible.

    You can read exactly how the STAP-budget works on this page. If you are looking for Dutch information on STAP-budget, please visit our Dutch page here.

    What is the STAP-budget?

    The STAP budget is a subsidy scheme that makes it possible to follow a course with a price reduction of €1000. The application for the STAP-budget goes through the UWV, but the application form is provided by your preferred trainer/educational institute: in this case by us. Our course starts in October 2023, so you will have to apply via the UWV on the 17th of March, 1st of May, 3rd of July 2023 or on the 4th of September. We recommend applying on the 28th of Feb or 1st of May, – if you don’t get trough, you have another chance on the 4th of September. 

    The STAP budget replaces the tax deduction for study costs. STAP stands for Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie / Stimulans Labor Market Position. 

    STAP-budget: how it works

    Applications for this STAP funding are open to people both in and out of work, but there are a number of conditions that apply: For example, all applicants must be over the age of 18, must be of working age (i.e. they cannot be retired), and must be an EU citizen or the partner of an EU citizen. You should also be nationally insured (this goes automatically if you have lived, worked or received benefits/salary in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past 27 months). Also, you’ll need a BSN number and DigiD login.

    If you meet these conditions, you can apply for the STAP-budget:

    On the STAP-budget application day, you’ll need:

    If you are granted with the STAP budget, you will receive a message (usually within 2 weeks, often sooner) by post (from the UWV) and by email. If you do not receive the STAP budget, you can try again during the next time frame. You can be granted the STAP budget per person once a year. If the application is approved, the subsidy amount is paid to the trainer.


    The funding is a deposit

    The funding from the government is a deposit, payed by the UWV directly to the educational institute. If the training is not completed according to the conditions of the UWV, the student must still pay €1000 to Con Amore. The conditions of the UWV are as follows:

    The training is completed if the student has completed the training with:
    – a diploma or certificate; or an attendance or participation rate of at least 80%.


    Start with your home study earlier

    We have planned two online classes. The course days begin on the 9th of October (course days on Mondays) or the 28th of October (course days on Saturdays). You can see all the details on the WMF course on this page. While the course days begin on these days, we always advice to begin with your (home) studies at least 4 weeks ahead, but a heads start of 8 weeks is highly recommended. 

    Still have questions?

    Make an appointment with our study coach Maarten Studieadviseur Judith

    Curious how WMF can enrich your career?

    Read our blogpost Fleur Aukema MBK PsBK Ayurveda
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