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  • Western Medicine Fundamentals

    This English version of the well known Dutch programme 'Medische Basiskennis', offers you a solid foundation of knowledge about the many wonders of the human body. Join our online classes via Zoom.
    Download our study brochure Dates & registration

    The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme teaches you all about physical processes, how our organs function, how various diseases are treated and how to recognize and explain physical complaints. You will acquire a thorough knowledge of the human body; the cardiovascular system, digestive system, blood, the respiratory system, nervous system and the senses, the hormonal system, the locomotor apparatus, skin & physical warning signs.

    We also cover various psychosocial aspects, as well as conversation skills and how to connect to primary care physicians. Lastly, we will discuss ethics and your attitude as a healthcare professional towards your clients. On monthly bases, you will be taught by highly experienced holistic physicians who are all very passionate about the complementary field.


    The Western Medicine Fundamentals
    programme consists of:

    – 12 interactive course days (online via Zoom)
    – a
    n independent study at home in the online learning environment with the help of course materials and homework assignments

    The Western Medicine Fundamentals consists of 1395 (study) hours, corresponding to 50 ECTS. If you want to learn all about the course, we recommend to download our study guide.


    Free online trial lesson

    Curious about the course? You are welcome to join our online trial lesson for free. Experience an online class, meet our lecturers, study coach and future fellow students. Check out the dates and sign up for the trial lesson here.

    STAP-budget: get a €1000 discount on our course

    The STAP-budget is a subsidy scheme that makes it possible to follow this course with a price reduction of €1000. The application for the STAP budget goes through the UWV, this can be done in the next time frame on the 1st of September. You can read exactly how this works on this page.


    Reviews from our students who enrolled last year

    Students who have enrolled in our Western Medicine Fundamentals programme last year rate the course with a 9,1.

    “I highly recommend doing the WMF course with Con Amore. The administrative support is immediate, helpful and friendly. The course content, while considerable and thorough, is structured in such a way that you are never entirely overwhelmed and are able to retain the most important information. Lori Postema, our lecturer, is kind, patient, professional and approachable, and provides a comfortable and enjoyable space for learning and discussion.”
    –  Nanda, training to become a BSR Practitioner, WMF 2021

    “The study material is simply amazing, this makes me motivated again to study. I progress in my general understanding of the human body, I can clearly now identify the most important pathologies and increased my medical diagnosis. I am very happy with our teacher, she makes a great job by going to the most important points that we need to focus on. The online study day is well organized: a short break every hour and a lunch break of 1 hour, just perfect. I would say that Con amore succeed to create a solid and appropriated learning environment with great attention for all the participants.”
    – Martine Ricard, Shiatsu Practitioner (Shiatsu Point Wassenaar), WMF 2021

    For whom?

    Western Medicine Fundamentals is the English version of our well known course ‘Medische Basiskennis’. This course is known as the #1 knowledge programme for physical therapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, coaches, dieticians, sports instructors, meditation or yoga teachers and all other professions that have anything to do with health and the body. It is also perfect for anyone who aspires to become a healthcare professional in the future, as it offers an excellent foundation for further specialisation.

    About Con Amore 

    Con Amore is a Dutch family-owned and operated educational institute for healthcare professionals, founded in 2010 by Albert & Rinske. Read more about us here. Read more about our mission and vision on this page.


    Interaction and flexibility are key features in our concept. This is clearly reflected in our online learning environment: we offer a type of blended learning where you are introduced to the course material at home, at your own pace.


    The study questions are characteristic of our teaching method. They help you study and - particularly - focus on what is most important. The questions guide you through the various chapters and help you study the course materials effectively.


    Our lecturers, who are experienced holistic physicians, enrich the studied material during class. Their practical teaching methods truly make the course material come alive with case studies, background information and practical examples.

    Dates & registration

    Click here for an overview of the dates of the Western Medicine Fundamentals course.

    View the dates

    Plan a consult

    Do you have any questions about us or the programme? Do you want to know how you can optimise your learning experience or how you can manage your home study and workload? Plan a telephone consult with Judith, one of our student coaches. He is happy to help you.

    Plan consult

    Study Brochure

    Download now WMF study brochure download
    Great instructors with a lot of knowledge, great access to support, easy to follow lessons. A clear and pleasant virtual environment with lots of questions to understand the topics. The virtual course days are well balanced with lots of little breaks. A solid foundation of basic medical knowledge!

    Curious how WMF can enrich your career?

    Read blogpost Fleur Aukema Western Medicine
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