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  • Con Amore Opleidingen
    p/a BounceSpace
    Overtoom 141
    1054 HG Amsterdam
    085 888 9315 info@conamore.com
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  • Con Amore Manifest

    Con Amore is a Dutch family-owned and -operated educational institute for
    healthcare professionals, founded in 2010 by Albert & Rinske.
    We believe that loving collaboration & genuine care make the world a better place.
    Instead of building walls around our- selves, we can learn from each other.

    While functional medicine focuses on creating individualized therapies tailored to treat underlying causes of illness, integrative medicine seeks to understand the individual as a whole and applies many forms of therapy to improve wellness.

    We envision a world in which healthcare professionals unite different perspectives,
    inspire each other and act from their hearts and their minds alike.

    That vision drives us to develop diverse study programmes for people who love to work with people. Our courses teach healthcare professionals from different fields to work together. They get to meet (online or in person) and motivate eachother.
    The acquired knowledge will allow these professionals to get better at what they love to do.

    We offer our students a solid foundation of knowledge that they can benefit from and enjoy for the rest of their lives. We do this by offering top-quality interactive study programmes, a user-friendly online learning environment and an amazing team of passionate and experienced lecturers who all combine scientific expertise with a holistic perspective in their own unique way.

    After completing the Western Medicine Fundamentals programme, you will possess a solid foundation of knowledge about the human body and of the Medical field. This will allow you to position yourself professionally towards the field of standard medicine.

    We believe that it will become more important than ever in the years to come to have healthcare professionals from different fields working together and learning from eachother. That is exactly the reason why Con Amore exists. We are therefore truly grateful that you are visiting our website and reading our manifest right now.
    Together, we can move towards a healthier, heart-centered society in which people truly care forand pay attention to each other.

    With love.
    Team Con Amore

    Courses with loving attention

    Team Con Amore Opleidingen
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