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  • Complaints procedure

    Con Amore B.V. (hereinafter: Con Amore) strives to avoid complaints and aims to resolve any complaints that do occur. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated carefully. The purpose of investigating complaints is to restore trust between Con Amore and its client and to identify teachable moments for the organisation.

    Filing a complaint

    Please file your complaint within 6 months by sending an e-mail.

    This e-mail should contain the following details: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the course you enrolled in, the date and time of the event that prompted  you to file a complaint, the nature of your complaint and the goal of your complaint. Please send an e-mail to secretariaat@deklachtencommissie.nl attn Thomas Vegting

    How will my complaint be resolved?
    There are four possible recommendations:
    1. Justified: your complaint is justified
    2. Unfounded: your complaint is unfounded
    3. No opinion: it is not possible to arrive at a verdict based on the available information.
    4. Inadmissible: your complaint does not meet the requirements because, for example, it was submitted too late or because it concerns a topic for which other procedures exist.
    5. The recommendation will be explained for each part of the complaint:

    The recommendation issued by the complaints officer is binding on Con Amore. Submitting a complaint to the complaints officer transfers the authority to arrive at a verdict to the complaints officer. In principle, you will be informed of their recommendation in writing within four weeks of the complaint being filed.
    Documents are kept for 2 years.

    Non-acceptance of a complaint

    Con Amore is not obliged to handle your complaint if it concerns an event that took place more than six months before the complaint was filed.
    Con Amore is not obliged to handle your complaint if it relates to an event that has been submitted to the judgement of a judicial authority through legal proceedings.
    If your complaint has not been accepted, you will be informed in writing within four weeks.

    Dutch Law

    These regulations are governed by Dutch law.


    This regulation takes effect on 2 November 2014, and all regulations concerning the handling of complaints that apply within Con Amore are repealed at the same time.
    Amerongen, Board of Con Amore B.V.

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